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Akshay Kulkarni - Freelance Developer

Software Developer, Web Designer, Content Writer and SEO


I'm Akshay. I design and develop software, websites and apps.

Akshay K.

I’m a dedicated programmer with 3 years of experience in freelance software development, a successful ongoing journey of software development that has been full of adventures. What motivates me in this journey is the very nature of programming—unpredicted and full of surprises! This journey has taught me that the programming is not all about variables and objects, or stacks and queues, programming is lot more than that—programming is fun!

I tend to keep the applications as well as the development process as simple as possible, making it possible to develop and deliver client applications faster. A unique combination of incremental approach and RAD model has streamlined my SDLC.

I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually improving my chops.

What I do?

I design and develop dekstop applications, websites and mobile apps from ground-up. I also design graphics as required and occasionally do content writings on various topics. I am also a certified network technician experienced in handling Cisco devices. I can also manage and administer various types of servers such as DNS, DHCP and storage clusters.

How I do it?

I start working on a project after thorough evaluation of gathered requirements. I study for the technologies to be used, the prevailing solutions (if any) and the project scope. With excellent code-reading and reusing skills, I am able to correctly employ off-the-shelves components and APIs, allowing me to develop the application in reasonable time. All through the development cycle of the project, I have a ‘strange’ hobby of documenting each and every process.

What I have done?

Since beginning my journey as a freelance developer nearly 3 years ago, I've done remote work for agencies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. View more information about the projects on my projects page.

Key Skills

  • Understanding of SDLC, Planning and Managing a Software Project
  • Procedural and Object Oriented Programming
  • .NET Framework (ASP,VB.NET, C#)
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, CodeIgniter, Magento etc)
  • Mobile App Development (Android, Apache Cordova, Firebase)
  • OnPage SEO
  • WinServer 12 ADDS Management and DNS, DHCP COnfigurations
  • TCP/IP Protocol Stack, Cisco Device Configuration
  • Cyber Security Measures

A list of /*Awesome*/ projects(designed,developed,deployed);